• A Brief Bio:

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    15+ yrs of startup experience launching new projects, products and ideas on an international level.

    I'm officially what they call an expat. I'm a Cali-kid living in sunny Dublin, Ireland. (do you sense the sarcasm)


    I'm a Marine Corps Veteran and proud Mustang. (Go, Cal Poly)


    Some might call me an events guy: BizTechDay, SF New Tech, Startup Weekend and a handful of others.


    Others will say I'm a Startup Guy. I've worked with many startup founders helping to turn their ideas into realities.


    I've been through most phases of the startup lifecycle and enjoy solving BIG problems.


    Guiding Principles:


    1. There's no separation between personal and professional. I put all of my energy into everything I participate in.


    2. I aspire to only work on projects that add value to our world and with entrepreneurs who want nothing but the best for themselves and those around them. So my professional identity and the products that I'm a part of should be important enough to me that the role is considered alongside father, husband, friend.


    3. I look for opportunities where I think I can make a difference. So if 100 other people can do the job in the exact same way that I would, one of them should do it...I'm going to look for something where I could impact the curve and that would have gone differently if I hadn't been there.







    "Matt has a genuine passion for helping out people. He is well connected to the startup community" - Strategy, PayPal


    "Matt is a consummate networker, hustler, connector." - CEO, Foundersuite


    "Matt knows how to build a sustainable team." - Co-Founder, Zvents (Acquired by Ebay/Stubhub)


    "Matt has an endless flow of people who look to him for his spirit, ideas, and enthusiasm." - CEO, Appbackr


    "He loves technology and gets what it means to work in this space." - Co-Founder, Keepsafe



  • You can find me online here:

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